The studio


Founder :

Amélie Hye-Mee Créac’h, architect, urbanist

Collaborators :

Marianne Le Berre, architect, illustrator
Hugo Pedrosa, architect student


혜미 Amélie Hye-Mee Créac’h is an architect-urban planner, graduate of Strasbourg’s INSA and the Institut d’Urbanisme in Paris.

Born in South Korea and adopted in France, she draws her inspiration from the blending of these two cultures, a permanent fluctuation between the West and the Far East.

Active in painting and dance from her earliest years, she has developed a particular sensitivity to colors, light and movement. This approach to space through the senses, rather than reason, is found today in her singular practice of architecture, free, intuitive and poetic. For her, architecture is above all an art, the foremost of all according to Hegel’s classification, an architecture that has two major callings, i.e. linking heaven and earth and human beings in their emotions in a dialectic of openness and sharing.

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