summer cloister

Renovation and extension of a holiday home

Individual client | the Noirmoutier peninsula (85)

170 m2 floor surface renovation + 30 m2 SP extension |

€300K, excluding tax | studies underway


Full assignment of the project manager

beachouse architecture studio: Amélie Créac’h, Marianne Le Berre, Hugo Pedrosa


construction economics: Cabinet Rousseau

fluids-thermal: Archimède

photo credits: Hélène Gadoury


In summer as in winter, the peaceful atmosphere of the peninsula fosters bliss and the gatherings of friends under the banner of relaxation. A holiday home, a beach house, a family home. Luxury, peace and pleasure. The house is meant to be a place for sharing and a haven of calm outside of time and its demands.

The projected L-shaped extensions complement the existing building and form a kind of cloister, conducive to relaxation and reflection. The constructions are open and light: here roofs, there pergolas or sun-screens, that give structure to the garden and protect outside passageways. Inside and outside merge through a continuity of floors and materials.