Renovation-extension of a private home

Individual client | Nantes (44)

125 m2 floor surface renovation + 30 m2 SP extension | €125K, excluding tax | studies underway


Full assignment of the project manager

beachouse architecture studio: Amélie Créac’h, Marianne Le Berre, Marion Maux


A beautiful example of a suburban house in Nantes. Resting on a low ground floor for storage and parking, the living area looks down slightly onto the rear garden, which extends back in depth. Upstairs from this living space are penthouse bedrooms.

The house is charming, but its occupants feel squeezed. They would like to open out, create fluidity and be more closely connected to the garden. The kitchen in particular is an important living area for the family, but is too small as is. The children do not have individual bedrooms. And the main living areas face away from the garden.

So the garden became the project’s focal point. Rather than raised, the house is stretched. A slight extension like the beating of a dragonfly’s wings. With an aerial structure and delicate shape, the created volume opens broadly onto the garden and faces south. Covered by a metallic skin with iridescent inflections, it blends with the landscape and acts as a transition between the inside and outside. To ensure continuity the outside spaces have been redesigned with a succession of terraced landings that cascade gently down to the garden.

This makes it possible to imagine a lot of restructuring of interior spaces with beautiful atypical volumes. The living room on the garden side has been re-located and completely opened to the outside in a flowing transition from the enlarged kitchen. On the street side wooden clusters act as both storage space and separators by creating an interplay of expansion and contraction. As for the upper floor, it has been completely re-designed to provide not only a master bedroom for the parents but a bedroom for each child with a landing linking them and that can be used as a space for play or daydreaming.