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Transforming individual housing into a community hub, a boarding house and a cooking school

A family, A roof  ∣ Ancenis (44)

440 m² floor surface | €200K, excluding tax | studies underway


Full assignment of the project manager

Pierre Y. Guerin, lead architect

beachouse architecture studio: Amélie Créac’h, Marianne Le Berre


This imposing house in an old residential neighborhood, formerly home to a very big family, has the proportions and finery of a vessel. Which makes it an ideal candidate for receiving new uses, half a community center, half a living space for lone individuals.

To hallmark its new identity, the outside envelope has been amplified. A white, perforated metallic skin envelopes the building from head to foot. This extraordinary cover is stretched by extending the central nave. On the street side it protects the entrance, and on the garden side the terrace.

Set outside, the access points have also been completely redone. Metal-slat stairways and access balconies create a vertical outside walking space structured around three mast poles, providing sumptuous views of the garden.