50 shades of roof

Restructuring a private home

Individual client | Vertou (44)

130 m2 floor surface | €60K, excluding tax | 2019


Full assignment of the project manager

beachouse architecture studio: Amélie Créac’h, Marion Maux, Marie Perrigault


demolition of the main structure: entreprise Chevalier

frame, roofing, zinc-plating: Pechour Construction Bois | weather-proofing: SNA


The existing shape of the house is the result of joining two neighboring dwellings. The wide disparity of the levels and materials muddle how the space is read. One of the challenges for the renovation is to restore unity and balance to the different volumes in line with the geobiological and energy uses of its new occupant.

The house sits in a magnificent setting between woody hillsides and the banks of the Sèvre river. The restructuring therefore focuses on the building’s envelope and the outside spaces in order to reestablish a close relationship with nature.

By removing the roof of the extensions, place is made upstairs for a handsome wooden south-facing terrace, the contours of which assume an angled geometry that blends with the adjoining buildings. The south-facing side is transformed into a sliding carpentered whole that opens completely onto the outside.

Inside, a large opening has been created on the ground floor in the intermediary load-bearing wall so as to make the dwelling walk-through, and an opening has been fashioned in the upper floor in the center of the house. This central opening corresponds to the esthetic concept of “ma” and constitutes a meeting and communication space that unifies the whole house.